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Travel & Tourism 2

Idelsi Ceballo

Point-to-point air service between primary hub markets.  Per Diem-
A trip requiring the use of two or more forms of transportation.  Concessionaires
Air Service provided from smaller secondary markets to feed passengers into primary hub markets. Heritage Attractions
The marketing name for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, which is a combination of the passenger rail services of U.S. railroads.  Docent
Connecting flights are spread over longer periods of time to reduce congestion and facility and equipment demands.  Spoke Routes
An air travel trip that includes intermediate surface transportation between point of origin and point of destination, often used by cruise and rail passengers.  Commissary
A flight plan that includes return to city of origin but via different routing airline.  Culinary
The act of pushing an aircraft away from the gate for departure. The term is used to indicate the length in time necessary to unload, fuel, service, and reload an aircraft between time of arrival and departure.  Curator
Payment (Usually a percentage of sales) for the use of a franchiser's brand name and operating systems.  Aquaculture
Special occasions and scheduled activities.  Push
Temporary gathering places for the exhibition of products and services, often accompanied by entertainment and food and beverage services.  Circle Trip
Natural locations, objects, or constructed facilities that have a special appeal to both tourists and local visitors.  Open Jaw
A type of lease in which legal title does not pass to the buyer. The buyer has the right to occupy and utilize the facilities for a particular time period.  Amtrak
A small inn boarding house similar to a bed and breakfast.  Rolling Hubs
Maximum travel expense amount that will be reimbursed on a per day basis.  Pension-
A reservation.  Purveyors
Operating agreements with management companies to conduct day-to-day operations for a specific property or properties.  Appropriations
Either ownership or the right to occupy and use a vacation home for a specific period of time.  Fairs-
A department within a restaurant, hotel, or resort property that is charged with selling and planning special meetings and food and beverage events.  Booking-
Food-service supplier  Right to use-
The farming and cultivation of water plants, fish, and crustaceans, such as kelp, salmon, catfish, oysters, and shrimp, in large quantities for human consumption.  Trunk Routes
A food and beverage function designed, priced, and produced for a client usually for a single event or occasion.  Events-
Central storage area where food and supplies are received and kept until requisitioned.   Intermodal
The creative arts and crafts of preparing foods.  Timeshare
Individuals or companies who have been granted the right to provide a particular service such as food service, guide service, sanitation service, or gift shop.  National Preserve
Places, structures, and activities with historical and cultural significance.  Management Contract
An area in which congress had permitted continued public hunting, trapping, and oil/gas exploration and attraction.  Royalties
A museum guide  Catering
Person in charge of museum  Attractions-
Funding provided through governmental entities.  Banquet

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