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Can you match the phobias?


How many phobias can you correctly match with the right name and definition?

Aquaphobia Fear of germs, contamination, or dirt
Emetophobia  Fear of death or the dead
Mysophobia Fear of public speaking
Necrophobia  Fear of loud sounds and/or voices
Omphalophobia  Fear or dislike of snakes
Enochlophobia  Fear of flying
Philophobia Fear of water
Thanatophobia Fear of dying
Xenophobia Fear of failure
Ophidiophobia Fear of dogs
Arachnophobia Fear of moving forward in time
Phobophobia  Fear of being trapped
Atychiphobia Fear of crowds
Chronophobia Fear of navels
Cynophobia  Fear of being touched
Pyrophobia Fear of clowns
Spectrophobia Fear of spiders
Aviophobia Fear of vomiting
Cleithrophobia Fear of fire
Coulrophobia  Fear of being stared at
Dentophobia Fear of strangers or foreigners
Musophobia Fear of having a phobia or fear
Glossophobia Fear of darkness
Nyctophobia Fear of needles or injections
Ophthalmophobia Fear of dentists and/or dentist procedures
Phonophobia  Fear of love
Trypanophobia Fear of mirrors
Haphephobia Fear of mice or rats

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