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Vocabulary Words


Voc words for the boys

Post Date occurring or continuing after death; usualy related to a book that is published after the author has died
Postgraduate the editing that is done after the movie, film, or video has been taped
Posthamus taking place after noon; p.m.
Postinduction a comment, note, or thought written after the letter is finished; p.s.
Postmark to do something at a tme or date after it was originally planned
Postmeridian a mark printed across a stamp after it is received by the post office
Postmortem a person who takes a college class after he or she has already graduate
Postpone to write on something a date that comes after the real date
Postproduction occurring or done after death; usually related to an examination of the body after it is dead
Postscript the time in society that came after the industrial revolution

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