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Using Geography Skills

Mrs. Brown

1relative location _____extra fourths of a day are combined every four years as February 29th
2orbit _____Earth takes 365.25 days to make one complete circuit around sun
3solar system _____study of the Earth and its people
4absolute location _____group of satellites that gives out radio signals that record exact location
5equinox _____eight planets, thousands of smaller bodies, and the sun make this
6Tropics _____period of 100 years
7environment _____day that falls midway between two solstices. Day and night hours equal
8winter solstice _____exact spot on Earth where a geographic feature is found
9Geographic Information System _____an organisms natural surroundings
10geography _____day that has most hours of sunlight
11axis _____planets that follows its own path around the sun
12rotate _____a feature can be found compared to the other features around it
13summer solstice _____imaginary line that passes through center of Earth between North and South Pole
14century _____planets that spin on their axes as they orbit the sun
15revolution _____period of 1,000 years
16leap year _____a day with the fewest hours of sunlight
17Global Positioning System _____area between the Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn
18millenium _____period of 10 years
19atmosphere _____layer of oxygen and gases that surround the Earth
20decade _____computer hardware and software that gathers, stores, organizes information about geography

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