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Perfusion Drugs

1Positive Inotropic Agents _____Bumetanide
2Positive Inotropic Agents _____Diltiazem
3Positive Inotropic Agents _____Amlodipine
4Anti-Anginals Nitrate _____Nitroglycerine
5Anti-Anginals Nitrate _____Isosorbide Dinitrate
6Anti-Anginals Beta Blockers NS _____Aspirin
7Anti-Anginals Beta Blockers NS _____Triamterene & HCTZ
8Anti-Anginals Beta Blockers NS _____Atenolol
9Anti-Anginals Beta Blockers S _____Warfarin Sodium
10Anti-Anginals Beta Blockers S _____Metoprolol
11Anti-Anginals Calcium Channel Blockers _____Catecholamine
12Anti-Anginals Calcium Channel Blockers _____Phosphodiesterase Inhibitors
13Anti-Anginals Calcium Channel Blockers _____Clopidogrel
14Loop Diuretics _____Propranolol
15Loop Diuretics _____Verapamil
16Aldosterone Inhibitors _____Nadolol
17Aldosterone Inhibitors _____Sprionolactone
18Aldosterone Inhibitors-Combo _____Pindolol
19Anti-Platlet Aggregators _____Furosemide
20Anti-Platlet Aggregators _____Triamterene
21Coumarin _____Digoxin

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