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Cathcher in the Rye

Roberto de Blu'me

Catcher in the Rye

hemorrhages to be able to talk about many things
chiffonier a pattern on a suit
hound's tooth loose with mnet, speands a lot
foils expensive or showy
lagoon a piece of furniture, clothes dresser
ostracized official name for bad breath
compulsory to be shut out from a group
grippe someone who believes in peace
falsetto a type of fencing equipment
pacifist sophisticated
exhibitionist a small pond or lake
lavish to be concerned, to be with a conscious
halitosis does not matter, of no importance
unscrupulous expensive, over-the-top
conscientious open bloody wound
conversationalist required to do
incognito to decieve or to hide out of sight
suave the flu, a sickness
immaterial to be withoout morals or guidance
spendthrift a high, unnatural voice
bourgeois a person who likes to show off

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