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Facilitation - Privacy and Confidentiality

Erin Mawhinney

Privacy  Any identifying information about clients that is in verbal, written or electronic form (history, personal health number, plan of service, care previously provided, etc)
Confidentiality Needed anytime a health care professional wants to disclose information that is not health information or information that is going to aide in the care of the individual
Trust  Any health information provided by members involved in care, for the purpose of providing care, is assumed to have the patient’s consent.
Expressed Consent Limited access to a person, the person’s body, conversations, bodily functions, or objects immediately associated with the person. Important aspects of this vary by individual and need to be established.
Implied Consent Crucial in the nurse-client relationship. The client is in a vulnerable position, therefore it is essential to keep promises.
Personal Health Information Giving information about a client to someone other than the client or his/her authorised representative without consent or required by the law
Professional Misconduct Involves keeping one’s personal information private.

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