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Vocab Review

JL Gwinn

Vocab Words

1wane _____adj., of highest importance
2comprehend _____v., absorb/fit in
3caliber _____adj., restricted
4extent _____v., to understand
5ominous _____v., tell the difference
6perspective _____v., to shrink
7limited _____n., an amount
8conscientious  _____n., a level
9establish _____v., to get/obtain
10paramount _____adj., passionate/excited
11content _____adj., dangerous
12assimilate _____n., point of view/way of seeing
13discern _____n., subject matter/what's inside
14adopt _____v., to look carefully
15cautious _____v., to take on
16extraordinary _____adj., careful
17ardent _____v., to create
18scrutinize _____adj., unusual
19regale _____adj., thorough and hardworking
20procure _____v., to entertain

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