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Cognition 1

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1Anticholinergics _____Hydroxyzine
2Anticholinergics _____Piliperidone
3Antihistamines _____Carbamazepine
4Antihistamines _____Benztropine
5Dopamine Agonist _____Topiramate
6Beta Blocker _____Temazepam
7Antimanic _____Transylcypromine
8Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Haldol Decanoate
9Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Risperidal Consta
10Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Valproic Acid
11Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Lamotrigine
12Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Gabapentin
13Anticonvulsant (Treat BiP) _____Amantadine
14MAOIs _____Trihexyphenidyl
15MAOIs _____Prolixin Deconate
16MAOIs _____Lithium
17MAOIs _____Diphenhydramine
18Sedative/Hypnotics _____Zolpidem
19Sedative/Hypnotics _____Eszopiclone
20Sedative/Hypnotics _____Propranolol
21Antipsychotics (Long Acting Depots) _____Phenelzine
22Antipsychotics (Long Acting Depots) _____Selegiline
23Antipsychotics (Long Acting Depots) _____Isocarboxazid
24Antipsychotics (Long Acting Depots) _____Oxcarbazine

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