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a disease caused ny an unrestrained and excessive growth of cells cancer
benign tumors that have a fibrous cover so that tumor cells do not invade surrounding tissue differentiated
benign tumors are composed of organized and specialized cells that closely resemble the normal mature tissue from which they are derived neoplasm
how cancerous cells spread throughout the body lung
largest group of cancerous tumors; solid tumors of epithelial tissue.90% of all malignancy encapsulated
malignant tumor of bone opoptosis
malignant tissue from connective tissue metastasis
malignant tumors that extend into neighboring normal tissue blood or lymph
noncancerous tumor grows slowly is encapsulated does not spread carcinogenesis
programmed cell death where normal cells undergo spontaneous disintergration carcinomas
the cause of transformation from a normal cell to a cancerous one invasive and infiltrative
the spread of malignant cells to a new site in distant tissue such as a lung chemical
#1 cancer death in men and women mixed tissue tumor
carcinogen found in cigarette, exhaust, dyes  benign
tumor sarcoma
uncommon tumors composed of several different types of cells osteosarcoma

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