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radiology and nuclear medicine

an instrument placed near or on the skin, which is cover with gel to ensure transmission of soundwaves radiology
detects infection, inflammation, or tumors involving the skeleton in vivo
how x rays travel radiolucent
in the body prone
injected into the structure or fluid to be visualized so that a specific part,organ, tube or liquid can be visualized transducer
lying on back, face up MRI
lying on belly, face down pacemakers and metallic implants
in test tube abduction
medical specialty that uses radioactive substances in the diagnosis and treatment of disease straight lines
away from the midline of the body PA
toward the midline of the body bone scan
patients with this cannot have an mri because powerful magnets can alter the position and function of these devices adduction
physician who specializes in the practice of diagnostic radiology contrast medium
substance that permits passage of most x-rays  supine
the study of x-rays lateral
this uses magnetic fields and radiowaves rather than x rays to create a body image in vitro
x-rays are beamed at multiple angles through a section of the patients body and detected by a computer radiologist
x-travel from left to right or right to left though a patients side CT
x-rays travel from the back of the body to the front AP
x-rays travel from the front of he body to the back nuclear medecine

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