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Essential Energy Spelling Words

accumulator an opening; in solar collectors, the area through which solar radiation is admitted and directed to the absorber.
adiabatic a component of a heat pump that stores liquid and keeps it from flooding the compressor.
albedo to filter into or through; permeate.
amorphous the fibrous material remaining after the extraction of juice from sugarcane; often burned by sugar mills as a source of energy.
azimuth non-crystalline semiconductor material that has no long range order.
bagasse capacity for producing a desired result or effect.
infiltration the ratio of light reflected by a surface to the light falling on it.
efficacy the angle between true south and the point on the horizon directly beneath the sun.
auxiliary a system intended to back up another, such as a back up energy system.
aperture an exchange in volume and pressure of a parcel of gas without an exchange of heat between the parcel and its surroundings.

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