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Word F and G

bitmap graphics a pointer that you can drag on the corner of a shape
sizing handles white squares that appear on the sides and corners of a graphic
rotate handle appear at the top of a graphic and is used to rotate graphic
anchored attached to nearest paragraph
brightness bringing out cooler and warmer tones
contrast when a graphic is sized
color saturation set of format settings
color tone container you can fill with text and graphics
scaled let you size, align, and position objects
crop allows you to force text to flow automatically from one text box to another
text box alters the difference between the darkest and lightest areas
link workshop for creating your own graphics
Word Art a picture's relative lightness
Shapes reusable pieces of formatted content or document parts that are stored in a gallery
Adjustment handle graphic files saved as .bmp, .png, .jpg, or .gif file extension
drawing canvas drawing objects that contain decorative text
chart set of unified design elements
Smart Art makes it easy for you to quickly create and format diagrams
drawing gridlines text box that is positioned adjacent to the body of a document and contains auxiliary information
style the vividness and intensity of color
style set a text box that contains an excerpt from an article
theme content control that contains property information
building blocks visual representation of numerical data
sidebar rectangles, ovals, lines, callouts, block arrows, stars, and other drawing objects
pull quote trimming parts of a graphic you don't want to use
property control group of related styles that share common fonts, colors, and formats

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