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Chapter 4 Re-Test

Sister Mary Ann

Match the correct definition with the word

Absolution the choice of not responding or helping to prevent a sin or evil
contrition the free gift of God's life given to us at Baptism
Mortal sin the state of living in harmony/right relationship with God and creation
personal sin Object, intention, circumstances
reconciliation a failure to respect oneself; to love God above everything and one's neighbor as oneself
sin of omission the words of Jesus said by a priest, speaking as the representative of Jesus in the Church forgiving sins in the Sacrament of Reconciliation
social sin a philosophy of life today that denies that there is objective truth and that natural law is irrelevant
objective truth the state of living in communion with God sharing in the gift of divine life (Adam and Eve with God before sin)
sin of comission A grave act; full knowledge; deliberate and complete consent
venial sins A sacrament of forgiveness also known as penance or confession through which Jesus forgives our sins
virtue The earth orbits the sun
capital sins a repeated action that leads us closer to God and away from sin
original sin moral vices that give rise to many other failures to love; pride, avarice, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth
original holiness participating in an act that is wrong or evil
relativism the first people created in a trusting relationship with God
Original innocence sorrow for one's sins
The sources of morality of human acts the personal sin of disobedience committed by the first human beings resulting in the loss of holiness and justice
Original justice a cycle of sin or violence affecting all of society caused by individual sins
sanctifying grace I love chocolate ice cream
subjective truth lesser sins that do not destroy one's relationship with God or others

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