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Pharmocology word match puzzle

Brian Krusinski

word matching game for Pharmacology

pharmocology  biological drug
receptor drug induced confusion that can cause increased drug consumption
cerebrum drug used to promote mental relaxation
gaba continous body movement such as being restless or constantly pacing about
sedative  an electrical recording of the brain
akathasia abnormal discharge of brain neurons that causes alteration of behavior and/or motor activity
lithium specific structure that drugs bind to
tetrahydrocannabinol phenomenom occuring long after LSD usage
flashback element similar to sodium used in the treatment of mania and BPD
seizure study of drugs
automatism  inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain
hypnotic  largest and most upper part of the brain
EEG drug used to induce and maintain sleep
botulinumtoxin  active ingredient of the marijuana plant
cholinergic nerve and receptors of the PNS
adrenergic refers to nerves that release NE

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