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Literary Words

Alliteration The repetition of a vowel sound in the middle of two or more words
Assonance Type of metaphor where human qualities are given to an animal, object or concept
Consonance Use of words that sound like what they name/describe
Onomatopoeia Repetition of a consonant at the beginning of two or more words or stressed syllables
Rhythm Rhythm structure
Metric Foot Consistent scheme but no rhyming scheme
Scansion The repetition of a consonant sound in the middle or at the end of words
Verse References to things or concepts not by name but something closely associated with them
Enjambement Referring to an entire thing or concept by referring to one of its parts
Metre Form of rhyming verse usually following the pattern of ‘abcb’, tells a narrative, and can be set to music
Free verse Lines of poetry that sound similar but do not rhyme
Blank verse Descriptive language to evoke sensory experiences
Half rhyme  Finding patterns of metric feet
Ballad Group of stressed and/or unstressed syllables that form a basic unit of rhythm
Sonnet Addressing an inanimate object or someone dead or absent
Heroic Couplet Neither rhyme nor consistent metre
Imagery Continuation of verses
Figurative Language Line of poetry
Personification 14 line poem in iambic pentameter, 3 quatrains and a heroic couplet
Apostrophe 2 lines of rhyming verse, usually at the end of a sonnet, which tend to be closed
Metonymy Language that is not intended to be taken literally
Synecdoche What is created through patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables

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