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1MAO-B Inhibitors _____cyclobenzaprine
2MAO-B Inhibitors _____vecuronium
3COMT Inhibitors _____orphenadrine citrate
4COMT Inhibitors _____metaxlone
5Anticholinergics _____trihexyphenidyl HCL
6Anticholinergics _____entacapone
7Anticholinergics _____carbidopa-levodopa
8Dopaminergics _____chlorzoxazone
9Dopamine Agonists _____amantadine
10Dopamine Agonists _____selegiline HCL
11Muscle Relaxants _____pancuronium bromide
12Muscle Relaxants _____tizanidine
13Muscle Relaxants _____rasagiline
14Muscle Relaxants _____baclofen
15Muscle Relaxants _____bromocriptine mesylate
16Skeletal Muscle Relaxants _____dantrolene sodium
17Skeletal Muscle Relaxants [CNS Depressant] _____carisoprodol
18Skeletal Muscle Relaxants [CNS Depressant] _____methocarbomol
19Skeletal Muscle Relaxants [Turns urine colors] _____tolcapone
20Skeletal Muscle Relaxants _____benztropine mesylate
21Skeletal Muscle Relaxants _____biperiden HCL

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