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Escape North

1approach _____to walk with great effort
2attic _____slaves hid in stations, or people's home,as they escaped north
3cabin _____a chain of people who sccretly helped slaves escape to freedom
4conductor _____ a diary in which you write thought and experiences
5journal _____harshly
6muskrat _____to move quickly
7plantation _____someone who guided the slaves to safety
8route _____keeping people as property
9safe house _____a small,simple wooden house
10scramble _____to move near
11severely _____a space a building that that is just below the roof
12slavery _____a large farm where crops are grown
13station _____a win in a battle or contest
14trudge _____a small rodent with webbed feet that lives in and around water
15Underground Road _____a path from one place to another
16victory _____a safe place for slaves traveling on the Underground Railroad

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