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Logical Fallacies Practice

Zack Carter

The names of the fallacies are on the left and the definitions of them are on the right. Type the number of the definition next to the name of that fallacy. Hit check solution once you finish to see if you are correct.

Non Sequiture  Using an ambiguous termination rather than being clear, thus making the argument misleading.
Circular Reasoning drawing a conclusion based on a small sample size; making a general conclusion.
Slippery Slope arguing that a conclusion is true simply because most people believe it, agree with it, ect.
Straw Man when it is assumed that something is correct or better just because its older or traditional.
Appeal to Tradition  When it is assumed that because one event happened after another event that the first caused the second one.
Stacking the Deck Arguing that because two things are similar in one way they share some other characteristics as well or comparing two things that are not really similar in the ways that matter.
Ad Populum  Attempting to redirect the argument to another issue (one that's easier to respond to).
Equivocation An argument where the conclusion is the same or similar to its premises, or when someone uses what their trying to prove as apart of their proof.
False/Weak Analogy When any evidence that supports an opposing argument is simply rejected, omitted, or ignored.
Post Hoc Ergo Propster Hoc  When a conclusion does not follow from the premises.
Either/Or  When the Premises assume that one action will inevitably lead to another unwanted action, (Domino effect) A->B,B->,C->D...Y->Z Therefore, A=Z.
Ad Hominem Restating an extreme or exaggerated version of someone's argument instead of their actual argument.
Hasty Generalzation Attacking The person making the argument rather than the person making the argument itself.
Red Herring When only two choices are presented yet more exist, or a spectrum of choices exist between two extremes.

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