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Tutorial Exercise

Norhasiah Akhir

Final exam questions

C-Commerce Auctions conducted online.
E-Auctions To find unique items and collectibles.
E-Auctions Reduction of Design Cycle Time
E-Auctions Individuals or groups communicate or collaborate online.
E-Auctions Reduction of Product Development Time
Concepts of E-Auctions A competitive process in which seller solicits consecutive bids from buyer.
Concepts of E-Auctions Vendor-managed Inventory
Concepts of E-Auctions Buyer solicits bids from sellers.
Concepts of E-Auctions Using dynamic prices
Concepts of E-Auctions To liquidate large quantities quickly.
Concepts of C-Commerce Retailer-Supplier Collaboration
Concepts of C-Commerce As a social mechanisms to determine price.
Concepts of C-Commerce As profits for individuals.
Concepts of C-Commerce Reducing Transportation and Inventory Costs
Concepts of C-Commerce Elimination of Channel Conflict
Concepts of C-Commerce The concept of Request For Quote (RFQ).

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