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Source code refers to the way the computer evaluates two sub conditions connected by a logical operator; when the logical operator is And the computer does not evaluate sub condition2 when sub conditional is false; when the logical operator is Or, the computer does not evaluate sub condition2 when sub-conditional is true
Source file an item that appears between the parentheses that follow a function's name; represents information that the function needs to perform its task
static cast operator a file that contains a program's source code; source files have a .cpp filename extension
Stream the manipulator used to control number of decimal places that appear when a real number is displayed
Stream manipulator objects used to perform standard input and output operations in C++
Stream objects tables that summarize how the computer evaluates operators in an expression
Syntax error selection structures that contain several alternatives; also called extended selection structures; can be coded using either the multiple-alternative form of the i f statement or the switch statement
Testing Selection structures that contain instructions in both their true and false paths
Type cast allows a C++ program to manipulate or manage the characters in either the input or output stream
using directive a C++ statement that can be used to code a multiple alternative selection structure
White space character the program instructions you enter using an editor; the instructions are saved in a source file
Argument n instruction that tells the computer where it can find tru definitions of keywords and classes
Boolean operators the errors in a program
Comparison operators The manipulator used to display real numbers in fixed point notation
Data validation used to assign a value to a variable during runtime
Decision symbol alternative selection structures
Dual alternative selection structures operators used to combine two or more sub-condition into one compound condition; also called Boolean operators
False path a sequence of characters
fixed stream manipulator languages used to communicate with a computer.
Local variable temporarily converts a character to uppercase
Logical operators the manipulator used to display real numbers in scientific e notation
scientific stream manipulator running executing a program, along with sample data, on the computer
Selection structure contains the instructions to be processed when a dual-alternative selection structure's condition evaluates to false
setprecision stream manipulator the diamond in a flowchart; used to represent the condition in either a selection or repetition structure
Short circuit evaluation operators used to compare values having the same data type in an expression; also called relational operators; <, <=, >, >=, ==, ! =
Single alternative selection structure a selection structure that requires special action to be taken only when the structure's condition is true
Statement block a C++ statement used to tell the computer to leave switch statement
True path one or more instructions enclosed in a set of braces ({ })
Truth tables explicitly converts or type casts data from one data type to another
to upper function the directions given to computers; also called computer programs
to lower function a newline character, a tab character, or a blank space character
break statement a variable declared within a statement block; can be used only by the instructions within the statement block in which it is declared and the instructions must appear after the declaration statement
Extended selection structures- another name for multiple another term for logical operators
Multiple alternative selection structures one of the three control structures; tells the computer to make a decision before selecting the next instruction to process; also called the decision structure
Nested selection structure temporarily converts a character to lowercase
switch statement occurs while a program is running
Assignment statement another term for an explicit type conversion
Bugs an acronym for Input, Processing, and Output
Programming languages a selection structure that is wholly contained nested within another selection structure
Programs an error bug that occurs when a program instruction violate: a programming language's syntax
IPO  the process of verifying that a program's input data is within the expected range
Integer contains the instructions to be processed when a select ture's condition evaluates to true
Runtime a whole number, which is a number without a decimal place

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