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3D design terms


terms for 3-D design

assemblage 3-D field with which the artist works including filled and unfilled areas
atmospheric perspective arrangement of a site often conceived as 2-D diagram seen from above
bas-relief 3-D form raised considerably off a flat background
chasing to create a larger unit by gluing together sheets of materials
complementary colors extremely accurate representation of actual 3-D objects
content those qualities of a design that can be seen and worked with
contrast 3-D works in which only 180 degrees is presented as the point of aesthetic interest
directional line visual accuracy in artistic representation of known objects
dominance 3-D form raised from a flat surface
dynamic form 3-D work that appears stationary
elements of design works designed to move and perhaps change over time
emphasis stress placed on a single area of a work or unifying visual theme
fabrication the subject matter of a work of art plus its emotional, intellectual, symbolic, and narrative implications
form negative form
found object assembling of rigid materials into units by techniques such as welding, bolting, or lamination
frontal a physically unfilled area in a 3-D work, in a subtractive sculpture a previously filled area that was cut away to reveal the form
full round referring to works expressly designed for and installed in a particular location
half-round 3-D work that conveys an illusion of movement and change
high-relief the optical illusion that areas closer to the viewer are sharper in detail, color intensity, and value contrast than areas farther away
highlight works designed to be appreciated from all sides
implied line degree of lightness/darkness
junk sculpture a work made from objects/pieces of objects originally intended for other purposes
kinetic art fool the eye
laminate artworks intended to present likenesses of known objects
layout the tactile surface characteristics of a work of art that are either felt or perceived visually
malleable  juxtaposition of dissimilar areas
mixed media an object not originally created as art but used in or appreciated as a work of art
narrative art the appearance that parts of a work offset each other in such a way that it will not fall over
negative form a line in a work that is subtly perceived by the viewer but that has no physical form
negative space use of similar design features again and again
nonobjective art 3-D works of art created from castoff products
point of view capable of being shaped
realism combinations of different materials to create a visually and physically coherent whole
relief low-relief, 3-D form that is barely raised from a flat background
repetition  the size of an object in relationship to other objects and to its surroundings
representational art pieces that tell a visual story
scale engraving of the surface of a piece often to help define contours
site-specific a shaped space that has no physical existence but is enclosed or defined by positive forms
space seen/made to be seen only from the front
static form works that have no apparent relationship to objects from our 3-D world, nonrepresentational
subtraction creation of a work of art by carving away the excess from a larger piece of material
superrealism emphasis placed on a particular area/characteristic of a work
texture a brightly lit area that appears as a luminous spot on a work
trompe l'oeil the volume and shape of a 3-D work, perhaps including unfilled areas that are integral to the work as a whole
value a line that seems to guide the viewer's eye along a particular visual path
visual balance the distance and angle from which something is seen
void hues that are opposite each other on the color wheel

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