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Bible Exam

Heemin Jung

Missio Dei. Match the dates with the event

49 Paul journeys to Rome
48 Printed Bibles are available in 28 languages
60 Benedict of Nursia destroys pagan temple at Monte Cassino and builds monastery
197 Harold I of Denmark converts to Christianity and smooths the way for the acceptance of Christian faith by the Danish people
200 The Congo sees its first group of missionaries arrive. Under the ministry of these Franciscan and Dominican priests, the king would soon be baptized and a church built at the royal capital.
327 Tertullian writes that Christianity had penetrated all ranks of society in North Aftica
364 Roman Emperor Theodosius I makes Christianity the official state religion
381 Jerusalem Council on admitting Gentiles into the Church
496 Constantinople falls to the Muslim Ottoman Turks who make it their capital.
528 Johannes Gutenberg begins printing the Bible with his movable type printing process; Pope Plus II assigns the evangelization of the Portuguese Guinea Coast of Africa to the Franciscans led by Alfonso de Bolano.
596 Paul begins his first missionary journey to modern day Turkey
912 In the Philippians, Diego de Herrera baptized Chieftain Tupas of Cebu and his son
965 The first Jesuit to enter what is now the United States, Pefro Martinez, is clubbed to death by fearful Indians on the sands of Fort George Island, Florida
981 Twenty six Japanese Christians are crucified for their faith by General Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Nagasaki, Japan
1266 First Christians are reported in Switzerland and Belgium
1382 Pope Paul III orders that the Indian of the New World be brought to Christ "by the preaching of the divine word, and with the example of the good life"
1453 The Normans become Christian
1462 Five Jesuit missionaries- Rudolph Acquaviva, Peter Berno, Francis Aranha, Alphonsus Oacheco and Anthony Francisco-are murdered near Goa
1491 Mongol leader Khan sends Marco Polo's father and uncle, Niccolo and Matteo Polo, back to Europe with a request to the Pope to send 100 Christian missionaries
1493 Christopher Columbus takes Christian priests with him on his second journey to the New World
1498 Conversion of Clovis I, king of Franks in Gaul, along with 3000 warriors
1516 Bible translated into English from Latin by John Wycliff
1519 Conversion of Vandals to Christianity during the reign of Emperor Valens
1529 Two Franciscans accompany Herman Cortes in this expedition to Mexico
1537 First Christians are reported in Kenya
1550 Nestorian monks visiting China find no traces of Christian community left
1566 Gregory the Great sends Augustine and a team of missionaries to England to reintroduce the gospel. The missionaries settle in Canterbury and within a year baptize 10,000 people.
1568 Franciscans Peter of Ghent writes from Latin America that he and a colleague had baptized 14,000 people on one day
1583 Three Franciscans are killed by cannibals in northeastern South America, in the area of Columbia and Venezuela
1597 Emperor Constantine baptized shortly before his death

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