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History 300 - 1. OUR EARTH Vocab

Jeremy Dearing

aquifer A long, narrow chain of hills or mountains.
archaeologist The study of the ocean and its floor.
archipelago A large part of an ocean or sea with land around it.
axis The edge of a continent just below the surface of the ocean.
bay To sail or steer a ship, airplane, or other vehicle.
canal The path taken when going from one place to another.
caravan A stream or river that flows into a larger river.
cargo A group of desert travelers with their animals and goods.
coast A spacecraft carrying scientific instruments to record or report back information about planets or other objects in outer space.
colony A seasoning made from plants and used to flavor food.
continent A long, deep, narrow area like a valley or canyon in the ocean floor.
continental shelf  A human-made object shot by rocket into an orbit around the earth or other heavenly body.
delta A very high hill.
equator A narrow waterway that connects two larger bodies of water.
feature The load of goods carried by a ship.
geography The part of a river where its waters flow into some other body of water, usually a lake or ocean. Also, the opening of a harbor or bay into the ocean.
globe Half of a sphere.
gulf Any of five major divisions of the great body of salt water that covers almost three-fourths of the earth.
harbor A fan-shaped deposit of dirt and sand that collects at the mouth of some rivers.
hemisphere A waterway dug across land for ships or small boats to go through.
hurricane A model of the earth.
instrument A narrow bridge of land, with water on both sides of it, connecting two larger pieces of land.
island One of the seven great masses of land on earth.
isthmus A body of water, usually fresh, surrounded by land.
lake A small area of sea or lake partly enclosed by land.
launch An imaginary circle around of the earth halfway between the North and South Poles. It divides the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
merchant A land and people far away from the country that rules them.
mountain A person whose job is to make cloth from thread.
mouth The path of a satellite or ship as it travels around another body in space.
navigate An imaginary line through the earth around which the earth turns.
ocean To send off with force.
oceanography A tool to help you in your work.
orbit A trader or seller of goods.
peninsula An instrument for making distant objects appear closer and larger.
planet A large natural stream of water that flows into a lake or ocean.
probe A piece of land almost surrounded by water, or extending far out into the water.
ridge A person who is an expert in studying buildings, tools, pottery, weapons, and other objects of ancient times.
rival A thing that stands out and attracts attention.
river A ball-shaped object.
rotate A storm with violent wind and, usually, heavy rain. The wind blows at more than 75 miles (121 kilometers) per hour.
route The beginning of a brook or river.
satellite A large body of water underground.
sea A large body of matter, like the earth, that moves around the sun in space.
source A deep bay used to shelter ships.
sphere The study of the earth's surface, climate, continents, countries, peoples, industries, and products.
spice A journey by water, through the air, or through space.
strait A person or country who wants and tries to get the same thing as another; one who tries to equal or do better than another.
telescope Any large body of salt water, smaller than an ocean. Often it is a part of the ocean surrounded by some land or islands.
trench A group of many islands.
tributary The land along the sea; seashore.
voyage To turn on an axis.
weaver A body of land surrounded by water.

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