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History 600 - 1. WORLD GEOGRAPHY

Jeremy Dearing

aerial All of the land drained by a river and the streams that flow into that river.
allied A society's customs, beliefs, attitude that are special to one group of people defined by language, religion, food, social habits, music and arts
bicameral Mix together.
Continental Divide  A narrow strip of land which connects other lands.
culture United with.
depression A vast, treeless plain.
dissident Meridian from which the longitude east and west is measured. It passes through Greenwich, England, and its longitude is 0° .
domesticate On neither side in a quarrel or war.
drainage basin Nothing better or greater than.
equator A person from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, or Iceland.
fault Having two law-making groups.
fiord Imaginary line agreed upon as the place where each calendar day begins.
geography A system of national government payments to retired persons. This is supported by workers and employers.
geologist To tame.
globe One who disagrees.
habitation Imaginary line running north and south which measures the distance east or west of the prime meridian.
interior Highest point of the Rocky Mountains that separates rivers flowing east or west.
intermingle A sphere with a map of the earth on it.
international date line By air.
isthmus The study of the earth that deals with its plants, animals, and climate.
latitude A place to live.
longitude One who studies the earth's crust.
multicultural society A long, narrow bay between high banks.
neutral An imaginary line running around the center of the earth.
paradox Imaginary line running east and west which measures the distance north or south of the equator.
plateau Statement that may be true but seems to say two opposite things.
prime meridian A break in the earth's crust.
Scandinavian A low place.
sediment Social position; rank.
social security A society in which several cultures exist and are accepted and promoted within the society
status Part of a country away from the coast or border.
steppe Frozen, treeless plain in the Arctic.
tundra Matter that settles to the bottom of a liquid.
unsurpassed A large, high plain.

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