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LS 2D03, Chapter 1 Definitions

1Animal Behavior  _____ survivorship and reproductive success of an individual
2Ethogram  _____ explanation based on assumptions that makes testable predictions
3Time Budget  _____ formal statement of the unknown we seek to understand
4Process of Science  _____ tested and verified hypotheses that have withstood the test of time; theories make general predictions while hypothesis make specific predictions
5Research Question  _____ statement or prediction of significant effect
6Research Hypothesis  _____ results that force us to reject the alternate hypothesis
7Alternate Hypothesis (HA)  _____ formal description of an animal's behaviors
8Null Hypothesis (HO)  _____ summary or third-party interpretation of science research
9Correlation  _____ ability to evaluate scientific research and gauge its validity
10Theory  _____ original, typically peer-reviewed source of scientific research
11Negative Results  _____ personification of animals; explaining animal behaviors under the assumption that they think like humans
12Fitness  _____ summary of total time and relative frequency of an animal's different behaviors
13Anthropomorphism  _____ statement or prediction of no effect
14Scientific Literacy  _____ predictable relation between two variables
15Primary Literature  _____ observing events, organizing knowledge, and providing explanations through the formation and testing of hypotheses
16Peer Review  _____ process of editing other's research to determine whether or not it should be published
17Secondary Literature  _____ internally coordinated, externally visible, pattern of activity that responds to changing conditions

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