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LS 2D03, Chapter 5 Definitions

1Learning  _____ characteristic differences in songs
2Habituation  _____ differences in multiple behavioral traditions among populations
3Dear Enemy Hypothesis  _____ reduction in response to a stimulus over time
4Filial Imprinting  _____ a novel, learned behavior
5Memory  _____ ability of the brain to undergo structural changes
6Neural Plasticity  _____ small protuberances on dendrites that receive synaptic input
7Dendritic Spines  _____ rapid observational learning of a parent's phenotype in young animals; used to learn the identity of the offspring's parents
8Cache  _____ learning by observing or interacting with other individuals
9Episodic Memory  _____ qualitative information obtained from the activity or performance of others about the environment
10Innate  _____ memory of a specific object, place, and time
11Learning Curve  _____ change in learning over time
12Social Learning  _____ behaviors that do not have to be learned; another way of saying instinctual
13Social Information  _____ any information obtained from others about the environment
14Local Enhancement  _____ ability to generate and store mental representations of the physical and social environment; can be used to motivate behavior or solve problems
15Public Information  _____ ability to recognize numerical quantities
16Behavioral Traditions  _____ food stored in a hidden location for later retrieval
17Song Dialects  _____ relatively permanent change in behavior due to previous experience
18Animal Culture  _____ retention of learned experiences
19Cognition  _____ territory owners will show reduced aggression towards territorial neighbors than towards strangers
20Insight Learning  _____ directing an individual's focus to a particular part of an environment due to the presence of another individual
21Numerical Competency  _____ differences in behavior among populations that can be transmitted across generations through social learning
22Innovation  _____ spontaneous learning that occurs without the benefit of trial-and-error learning

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