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LS 2D03, Chapter 6 Definitions

1Signaler  _____ unique vocalizations produced by social animals when a predator is nearby; serves as a warning to conspecifics
2Signal Receiver  _____ packet of meaningful energy or matter
3Communication  _____ presence of bystanders influences the behavior of a signaler
4Signal  _____ brightly colored morphology that causes an individual to stand out in an environment; indicates that the individual is toxic and harmful to eat
5Waggle Dance  _____ fish that feed on ectoparasites and the dead skin of other fish
6Alarm Call  _____ nerve endings that respond to internal or external stimuli
7Sensory Receptor  _____ someone who detects a signal
8Chemoreceptor  _____ detection of dissolved chemical stimuli
9Olfaction  _____ someone who produces a signal
10Gustation  _____ palatable organisms that are morphologically similar to aposematic organisms
11Odorant  _____ predator organisms that are morphologically similar to harmless organisms
12Volatile  _____ sensory receptor for chemical stimuli
13Pheromones  _____ sensory receptor for light; rods are sensitive to low light levels while cones are sensitive to color and bright light levels
14Auditory Receptor  _____ communication in honeybees that transmits information regarding the general location of food
15Photoreceptors  _____ volatile organic compounds that vary by species and affect behaviors of conspecifics
16Aposematic Coloration  _____ property of a chemical that allows it to evaporate
17Batesian Mimicry  _____ sensory receptor for sound
18Aggressive Mimicry  _____ third-party individual that detects a signal; also known as an eavesdropper
19Cleaner Fish  _____ process in which a signal affects behavioral change in a signal receiver
20Sexual Deception Hypothesis  _____ detection of airborne stimuli
21Bystander  _____ gaseous compound that is perceived as odorous
22Audience Effect  _____ males produce deceptive signals towards females in order to improve the male's own reproductive success

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