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LS 2D03, Chapter 7 Definitions

1Mechanoreceptors  _____ forager's instantaneous harvest rate when it leaves a food patch
2Lateral Line System  _____ mechanoreceptors in fish that provide hydrodynamic information
3Piscivorous  _____ forager that consumes a narrow variety of food
4Evolutionary Arms Race  _____ visual distinctions of an organism, that once learned, can enhance detection
5Search Image  _____ energy contained in food divided by its handling time
6Optimal Behavior  _____ fitness cost associated with being killed by a predator
7Handling Time  _____ information known prior to sampling a parameter
8Profitability (food)  _____ fitness cost incurred by choosing to engage in one activity over another
9Generalist  _____ amount of time required to manipulate a food item so that it is ready to eat
10Specialist  _____ acceptance of a food item some fraction of the time; a failure to follow the zero-one rule
11Zero-one Rule  _____ decline in instantaneous harvest rate as a food patch is depleted
12Partial Preference  _____ optimal foraging model that predicts how long an individual should exploit a food patch
13Diminishing Returns  _____ density of food items left in a food patch when a forager leaves
14Marginal Benefit  _____ sensory receptors sensitive to change in pressure
15Marginal Value Theorem  _____ fish eating
16Predation Risk Cost  _____ process of combining sample information and prior knowledge
17Opportunity Cost  _____ back-and-forth process of adaptation in one species favoring counter-adaptation in another species
18Quitting Harvest Rate  _____ benefit obtained by feeding for one more instant
19Giving-up Density (GUD)  _____ prediction that each food type should either be always eaten when found or always rejected
20Sample Information  _____ information obtained by sampling an unknown parameter
21Prior Knowledge  _____ the behavior that maximizes fitness
22Bayesian Estimation  _____ forager that consumes a wide variety of food

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