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LS 2D03, Chapter 8 Definitions

1Cryptic Coloration  _____ reduction in probability of dying to predation via associating with others
2Behavioral Trade-off  _____ reduction in individual vigilance due to increasing group size
3Vigilance  _____ high jump into the air using all four limbs that functions as an advertisement behavior by prey towards a predator
4Endotherm  _____ individuals will reduce their risk of predation by moving to the center of a group
5Social Group  _____ an organism that regulates its body temperature via metabolism
6Dilution Effect  _____ sudden disappearance of a bright target in prey that makes it difficult for the predator to locate its prey; encourages the predator to give up its attack
7Selfish Herd Hypothesis  _____ set of individuals that live near and associate with each other
8Group Size Effect  _____ prey interaction with a predator in order to deter attacks
9Predator Harassment  _____ advertisement behavior by prey to signal that the predator has been spotted and that pursuit is unlikely to be successful
10Mobbing Behavior  _____ morphological coloration that matches the color of the environment in order to reduce detection by predators
11Tail Flagging  _____ predator harassment causes predators to abandon an area
12Move-on Hypothesis  _____ sacrificing one activity for another
13Stotting  _____ scanning behavior to check for predators
14Pursuit-Deterrence Hypothesis  _____ advertisement behavior by prey to warn nearby conspecifics of danger
15Alarm Signal Hypothesis  _____ rapid wagging of the tail that intensifies when a predator is nearby
16Flash Disappearance Hypothesis  _____ two or more individuals grouping to harass a predator

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