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LS 2D03, Chapter 11 Definitions

1Primary Sexual Characteristics  _____ exaggerated morphological traits used to attract the opposite sex
2Secondary Sexual Characteristics  _____ natural selection that acts on heritable traits that affect reproduction
3Sexual Selection  _____ exaggerated morphological traits used in intrasexual competition
4Mate Competition  _____ physical resources (i.e. food) that a male provides to a female in order to enhance his mating success
5Mate Choice  _____ a species in which females compete for males, who typically invest heavily in parental care
6Anisogamy  _____ female reproductive success is most strongly limited by the number and success of eggs she can produce; male reproductive success is limited by the number of mates obtained
7Isogamy  _____ individuals observe and copy the mating decisions of other individuals
8Bateman's Hypothesis  _____ the genitalia and organs of reproduction
9Parental Investment Theory  _____ all individuals produce gametes that have the same size, regardless of sex
10Weapons  _____ a mating tactic in which a male attempts to avoid detection so that he can quickly enter a bourgeois territory to fertilize eggs being deposited in a nest
11Ornaments  _____ the existence of different sized gametes in the different sexes
12Lek  _____ genetic benefits females can obtain for their offspring by mating with males that have high genetic quality
13Sensory Bias Hypothesis  _____ competition between sperm of different males to fertilize eggs
14Sex-role Reversed Species  _____ material resources obtained by a female from mating with a particular male
15Direct Material Benefits  _____ the strategy that yields the highest fitness
16Nuptial Gift  _____ well-developed secondary sexual characteristics are costly to survival but reliable signals of fitness
17Indirect Genetic Benefits  _____ selection by one sex for a member of the opposite sex for reproduction
18Runaway Process  _____ an evolutionary process in which a male trait co-evolves with a female preference resulting in the male trait to become increasingly exaggerated
19Handicap Principle  _____ the use of a particular strategy based on an individual's condition
20Good Genes  _____ the alleles of a high-quality individual
21Hamilton-Zuk Hypothesis  _____ intrasexual competition for access to the other sex for reproduction
22Mate Guarding  _____ female mating preferences are a byproduct of preexisting biases in a female's sensory system
23Extra-pair Young  _____ offspring of a pair-bonded female produced outside the pair bond by a third-party male
24Sperm Competition  _____ reduction in fitness as a result of mating with close relatives
25Cryptic Female Choice  _____ females influence the fertilization success of sperm from one male over another male
26Inbreeding Depression  _____ a location where males aggregate to display to females
27Alternative Mating Tactics  _____ parasites and pathogens play an important role in sexual selection when secondary sexual traits are costly and condition dependent
28Satellite Male  _____ behavior in which a male follows his mate to prevent her from mating with rival males
29Sneaker Male  _____ multiple mating behavioral phenotypes coexisting in one population
30Conditional Strategy  _____ sexual dimorphic traits that are not directly involved in reproduction
31Evolutionary Stable Strategy (ESS)  _____ the sex that has a greater investment in offspring production should be choosier when it comes to mates
32Mate Choice Copying  _____ a parasitic mating tactic in which a male remains near a bourgeois male to intercept females that are attracted to the bourgeois male

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