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LS 2D03, Chapter 12 Definitions

1Mating System  _____ social associations and presumed mating behavior of individuals based on those associations
2Sexual Conflict  _____ competition in which individuals compete indirectly with each other to find and secure copulations with multiple mates
3Female Defense Polygyny  _____ predicts the occurrence of polygyny based on the amount of resources available to females in male territories
4Resource Defense Polygyny  _____ actual number of sexual partners of each sex in a social mating system that contribute to a set of offspring
5Male Dominance Polygyny  _____ a single male monopolizes and mates with two or more females
6Territorial Cooperation Hypothesis  _____ selection favors males that mate with and guard one female over one or more reproductive cycles
7Mate Guarding Hypothesis  _____ only a few males mate with most females
8Polygyny Threshold Model  _____ two individuals, one of each sex, can better defend a critical resource; this favors pair formation and shared defenses
9Hotspot Hypothesis  _____ copulations of a pair-bonded individual with a third individual outside the pair bond
10Hotshot Hypothesis  _____ low-ranking males can benefit by aggregating around high-ranking males because females are more likely to visit attractive males
11Scramble Competition  _____ all males can benefit by aggregating in a location where they are likely to encounter many females
12Social Mating System  _____ description of the social associations and number of sexual partners an individual has during one breeding season
13Genetic Mating System  _____ a male defends resources and mates with multiple females attracted to the resources
14Extra-pair Copulations  _____ differential selection on males and females to maximize their fitness
15Genetic Quality Hypothesis  _____ females that engage in multi-male mating can improve the fitness of their offspring via genetic mechanisms

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