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LS 2D03, Chapter 13 Definitions

1Parental Care  _____ growth that continues throughout the lifetime
2Life History Traits  _____ behaviors by a parent to enhance the fitness of offspring; includes incubation, feeding, and defense
3Maternal Care  _____ any investment by a parent in offspring that enhances the offspring's fitness at the cost of the parent's ability to invest in other offspring
4Paternal Care  _____ a pattern in which individuals stop growing at some point in their life
5Biparental Care  _____ death of some siblings as a result of reduced parental care for the purpose of enhancing the fitness of surviving siblings
6Determinate Growth  _____ a life history strategy in which there are multiple reproductive events throughout the lifetime
7Indeterminate Growth  _____ both parents provide care for offspring
8Iteroparity  _____ in insects, a class of hormones produced by specialized endocrine glands; these hormones influence molting, are associated with reproductive maturation, and are known to vary with levels of parental care provided to offspring
9Semelparity  _____ parents should maximize their lifetime reproductive fitness, while offspring should maximize the energy and protection they currently receive from their parents to survive to reproductive age
10Prolactin  _____ process of a male grasping and holding a female during copulation
11Brood Patch  _____ parental care provided by a female to her offspring
12Juvenile Hormones  _____ a behavior in which a female (brood parasite) lays an egg in the nest of another female
13Amplexus  _____ a life history strategy in which reproduction occurs once in a lifetime
14Parent-offspring Conflict Theory  _____ a featherless area on the belly of birds that is well vascularized for heat transfer to eggs during incubation
15Parental Investment  _____ a hormone that influences parental care in vertebrates
16Brood Reduction  _____ the hatching of offspring in a clutch of eggs on different days
17Hatching Asynchrony  _____ traits involved with growth, reproduction, and survivorship
18Brood Parasitism  _____ parental care that a male provides to offspring

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