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Religious Expression in Australia

Ethnic A term relating to a population subgroup within a larger or dominant national group with a common national or cultural tradition.
Monocultural Defined as a belief system that rejects religion, or the perspective that religious traditions should have no affiliation with the affairs of the state or public education.
Ecumenism A formal discussion aimed towards developing an increased mutual understanding between religious traditions, moving towards cooperation and harmony.
Episcopalism A government policy located in the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901, aimed to exclude non-European migration to Australia.
Interfaith Dialogue Defined as the term used to describe a population with very little ethnic diversity, language and culture.
Multiculturalism Defined as the principle or aim of promoting unity among the world’s Christian Churches.
Denominational Switching  Defined as the act to convert or attempt to convert a religious adherent from one religious tradition, or worldview to another.
New Age Religion A term used to describe the phenomena where significant numbers of Pentecostal adherents only remain with the denomination for a short period of time.
Pentecostalism Based on the notion that the divine power can be sourced through nature and within the self, in opposition to externally, in the form of a distant or transcendent being.
Revolving Door Syndrome A term used to define a group of individuals who display faithfulness to a specific religious tradition.
White Australia Policy The theory or act of in Church government, supreme authority resides in a body of bishops, and not in any one individual.
Religious Adherence The act of a religious adherent transferring from one Christian denomination to another.
Proselytising Formally known as the Revivalist Movement is a movement of renewal within Protestant Christianity, placing a strong emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
Denomination Defined as the international movement of people into a foreign nation of which they do not possess citizenship or reside there, especially as permanent residents to take up employment.
Secularism Religious beliefs and practices developed in western nations in the 1970’s, placing emphasis on personal fulfilment.
Immigration The existence of multiple cultural traditions within a single country, regarded as the policy that follows from recognising that it is in a country's benefit to have no dominant culture.
Creation Centred Spirituality Defined as a subgroup within a major religious tradition that operates and functions under a common name, tradition and identity.

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