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Contemporary Aboriginal Spirituality

Rituals Regions within the landscape that associate with a special meaning or significance under Aboriginal tradition.
Totem A form of land title recognising the unique ties and connection between Aboriginal peoples and the land.
Kinship Areas of land reserved by the Crown for Aboriginal people in the nineteenth century.
Dreaming The term used to describe the Indigenous Australian children forcibly removed from their kinship groups to be put into institutions or with foster families.
Terra Nullius A complex system of belonging and responsibility within a clan based on familial and totem relations that govern all aspects of Aboriginal life.
Dispossession An Aboriginal settlement originally set up and governed by a different religious tradition for Aboriginal Australians to live in, and may or may not have previously been the location of a religious institution.
Native Title The right for a minority group to live out the aims and ideals that they have determined for themselves with legal and economic freedom, regarded as the achievement of full and effective participation of Indigenous Australians in contemporary society,
Sacred Sites An Aboriginal assembly of sacred, festive or warlike character, referring to an Australian Aboriginal dance ceremony taking place in a variety of forms, such as a sacred ritual or informal gathering.
Corroboree A non-Aboriginal term, used predominantly to define the complex worldview of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People.
The Stolen Generation The approach that shows devotion to the wellbeing of Australia's Indigenous however being persistent in their treatment being similar to children.
Reserves The removal of indigenous Australians from their ancestral lands, formally defined as the deprivation of people or occupancy of land and property.
Nomadic The land over which a clan or totem has ritual responsibility.
Oral Tradition Initially referring to children of one white parent and one indigenous, however eventually being regarded as a term referring to any individual of mixed descent.
Ritual Estate The lifestyle of individuals who survive without a permanent residence, but move about across the landscape according to food supply.
Walkabout A natural object or animal in the form of a bird, fish, animal, plant or landform that is symbolic of a specific spirit ancestor of the dreamtime in a particular region of land.
Country The method of passing on history and tradition through the spoken word, specifically by telling stories, also through art and song.
Mission A term used by Aboriginal Australians to refer to the land to which they belong, and their specific place of Dreaming.
Self - Determination Formal or ceremonial acts or procedures, being customary or prescribed in a religious or solemn use.
Paternalism A term used in international law to describe regions and territory not subject to ownership by any state, or a territory over prior ownership has relinquished.
Half-Caste A journey, taken predominantly on foot by Australian Aboriginals in order to live in a traditional manner, following the tracks created by the wanderings of primeval ancestors.

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