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Government Matching Game

Shelby Wintner

Communism a government in which a god-like being is designated as the authoritative figure
Totalitarian a group of electives founded by the people to represent them
Fascism the government controls everything, from what you buy and wear to your beliefs and values
Anarchy a monarch is in charge and holds all the power, but they can only rule within the confines of a constitution
Direct Democracy the people decide, rather than the government, typically by voting or forming a general consensus
Constitutional Monarchy a small group of people in control of the country
Absolute Monarchy power is held by nobility and no one else
Oligarchy  everything is owned by the government, everything is dictated by the government, and people are paid and given jobs based on particular skillsets and needs / wants
Aristocracy the government is led by one authoritative figure, who controls everything and cannot be overthrown or criticized by the public
Representative Democracy a monarch is in charge and holds all the power, and they get to decide everything and are not restricted by a constitution
Dictatorship no government is present, and therefore no law is present
Theocracy governed by one person who is in complete control of everything

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