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American Government Semester Exam

Ronald Gray

study guide for exam

John Locke a loose union of independent states
Confederacy 10
Federal System command economy
What is a constitution speaker of the house
Preemble the process of setting up new district lines after reappointment is completed
Democracy amendments
oligarchy a plan that provides the rules for government
what type of gov't does the U.S have? 2/3 vote in each house
what economy does a Communist country have vice president
why was the Magna Carta important? provides individual rights by limiting government powers
who wrote the declaration of independence? believed that men and women had certain natural rights; life, liberty, and property
How many states are needed to ratify the Articles for them to take effect? expressed powers of Congress that are specified by number
powers of congress under articles 2/3 vote of both houses of Congress
who is the father of the constitution? representative/indirect
Who supported a Bill of Rights? Thomas Jefferson
Who believed that anarchy would triumph without a strong national government? any system of gov't in which a small group holds power
How does the Constitution grow? made between heads of states
Popular sovereignty is false speech intended to damage a person's reputation or character
what is needed for a presidential veto? divides powers of gov't between national and state or provincial government
which legislative department has the voice of the people? rule by the people
what are enumerated powers? it created the idea of limited gov't, the concept that the monarch's power, or gov't, was limited, not absolute
What ways can an Amendment be proposed? must be 35 years or older, be a natural born U.S citizen, and a resident of the U.S for at least 14 years prior to taking office
executive agreement is Federalists
Bill of Rights speaker of the house
the 1st amendment protects what? James Madison
what is slander? the right of Americans to worship as they please, or have no religion at all
What is redistricting? the House of Representatives
what are constituents oversee military, appoint heads of executive departments/federal judges, and to ensure laws of the U.S are faithfully executed
who is the presiding officer of the house of representatives? Anti-federalists
president of the senate is? make war/peace, send/receive ambassadors, make treaties, raise/equip a navy, maintain army, appoint military officers, fix weights/measures, regulate Indian affairs, set up post offices, and decide some state disputes
jobs of the president a statement that sets forth goals and purposes that the gov't will serve
how many years can someone be president? 9 of 13
what are the requirements to become president the people of districts they represent
following the VP, the next in succession for the presidency is? system of gov't in which rule is by the people, either representative or direct

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