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REGISTERED DIETITIAN degenerative condictions or illness that progress slowly are long in durabtion, and that lack an Immediate cure, chronic diseases limited functioning productivity and the quality and length of life. Ex. Heart disease, canser, and diabetes
. PROBIOTIC a hormone secreted by the pancreas in response in muscle, liver, and highblood glucose concentration. It assists cells in drawing glucose from blood
TRANS FAT-  1kcal is amount of heat needed to raise the temp of a kilogram of water to 1 degree
CHRONIC DISEASE sate of fullness that lingers in the hours after meals and inhibiteseating untill the next time ( leagnth of lime between meals)
INSULIN the indestable parts of plant foods. Largly non starch polysaccharides that are not digested by human digestive enzymes, although some are resident bacteria of the colon. Fibers include cellulose, hemicellules, pectins, gums, mucilages, and few nonpolysaccharides such as lignin
. NUTRIENTS an adverced reaction to a food or additive not invoving an immune response
LYCOPENE carbon containing 4 of the 6 classes of nutrients are organic: carbs, fats, protien, and vitamins. Organic compounds include only those made by living things and do not include compunds such as carbon dioxide, dimonds, and few carbon salts
FOOD INTOLERANCE foods that are absorbable and unsable like calcium from animals
DIVERTICULA- large groups of phytochemicals containing minal sulfer (onion) controls flavors
FIBER highly branched polysaccharides that made and stored by liver and musle tissue in human and animals as storage form of glucose CHO= isnt counted as one of the complex carbs in food
BIOAVAILABILITY a live microorgasm that, when administered in adequate amounts alters the bacterial colonies of the body in ways believed to confer a health benefit on host
ANTIOXIDANT componets of food that are indespencable to the body functioning. They provide energy, serve as building material, help maintain or repair body parts, and support growth. includes water, carbohydrates, fat protiens, vatimend , and minerals.
ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT white blood cells that participates in the immune response, b-calls and t-cells
NUTRIENT DENSITY a disaccharide composed of glucose and galactose; sometimes known as milk sugar
KETONE - a measure of nutriants provided per calorie of food. A nutrient dense food provides vitamins minerals and other benefital substances with relatively few calories
LYMPHOCYTE- a set of 4 list measuring the nutrient Intakes of a healthy people in the US and Canada. They are: Estimated Average Requirements (EAR) Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) Adiduate Intakes (AI) and Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (
KILOCALORIE a pigment responcable for red coloring in tomatoes and other red hues vegtables, a phytochemical that may act as an antioxidant in the body
. DRIs pairs of single sugars linked together
. ORGANIC food and nutrition experts who have erned at leaste a bachelors degree from an accrefited college or university with program approved by the academy of nutrition and dietetics (or the Dietitian of Canada) the dietitian must serve in an approved internship or coorfinated program, pass the registration examination and maintain professional competency through continuing education. Many states must also require licensing or practicing dietitians.
. SATIETY compound that protect other compounds from damaging reaction involving oxygen by themselves reacting with oxygen . oxidation is potentially damaging effect of normal cell chemistry invoving oxygen
LACTOSE componets of food that are indispensable to the bodys functioning. They provide energy, serve as building material, help maintain or repair body parts, and support growth. The nnutrients include water, carbs, fat, protiens, vitamins, and minerals.
DISACCHARIDE acid, water sobuble that arise during the breakdown of fat when carbs are not availble
MALNUTRITION- sacs or pouchs that balloon out intestinal wall caused by weakening of muscle layer that encase the intestine. The painful inflammation of one or more of the these is called diverticulitis
GLYCOGEN - the nutrients that the body cannot make itself ( cannot make fast enough) from other raw minerals, nutrients that must be obtain from food to prevent deficencys
. ORGANOSULFUR COMPOUNDS fats that contain any number of unuasual fatty acids- trans-fatty acids- formed during processing

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