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Easily Confused Words, 1

Because they have similar sounds or spellings, but different meanings, some words are easily confused.

conscience private
conscious to prolong the existence of; to cause to be remembered
personal clever; skillful; resourceful
personnel to be guilty of; to commit
allusion spread by contact; catchy
illusion sharing an edge or border; nearby
precede to spend; to consume or use up
proceed having a sense of right and wrong
perpetrate to go forward; to move in an orderly manner
perpetuate a group of people employed by a business or organization
veracious an indirect reference
voracious to increase in size
contagious being aware
contiguous truthful; honest
continual having a great appetite for food or pursuit of an activity; ravenous
continuous to go before
expand repeated regularly
expend uninterrupted; ceaseless
ingenious unsophisticated; straightforward; artless
ingenuous a false vision of reality

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