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Anatomy Week 1 (pt.1)

Tasha Tarnawa

Use this game to help learn terminology that will be useful throughout the rest of this course.

Aden/o One Who Specializes In
Arthr/o Process of Study
Bi/o Skin
Carcin/o Behind
Cardi/o To View
Cephal/o Cell
Cerebr/o, Encephal/o Across
Cis/o, Secti/o, Tom/o Above, Excessive
Crin/o Nose
Cyt/o Within
Derm/o, Dermat/o Life
Electr/o Examination (Usually Visual)
Enter/o Inflammation
Gastr/o To Cut
Gen/o Nature
Gnos/o Knowledge
Gynec/o To cut out, Excise, Resect, Surgically remove
Hem/o, Hemat/o Outside, Outer
Nephr/o To Break Down, Destroy, Separate Out
Neur/o Clot
Onc/o Eye
Opthalm/o Blood Condition
Oste/o Before
Path/o Condition, Process
Physi/o Head
Psych/o Disease
Radi/o Bone
Rhin/o Heart
Scop/o Intestine
Thromb/o Tumor
Ur/o Rays (Usually X-rays)
A-, An- Nerve
Ana- Pertaining To
Auto- Complete
Dia- Record
Endo- Surrounding
Epi- Electricity
Ex- Self
Exo- Blood
Hyper- Above
Hypo- Back
Peri- Kidney
Pro- No, Not, Without
Re- Deficient, Below, Under
Retro- Mass, Tumor
Trans- Gland
Para- Producing, Beginning
-ac, -al, -ic Cell
-algia Joint
-cyte Pain
-ectomy Brain
-emia Woman, Female
-gram Cancer
-ia Urine, Urinary Tract
-ist Mind
-itis Beside
-logy To Secrete
-lysis Up
-oma Stomach
-opsy Out

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