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Dominique Davis 1B

Weather  climates are wet year-round, with mild winters and cool summers
Climate is waste that makes the soil, air, or water less clean
Precipitation  which is water that fall to the ground as rain, sleet, or hail
Temperature   is a group of plants and animals that depend on each other and their environment for survival
Polar Zones is a resource that can not be replaced in a relatively short period of time
Tropics is the movement of water from Earth's surface into the atmosphere
Temperate Zones is a swirling funnel of wind that can reach 300 miles per hour
Water Cycle  climates are climates with wet season in summer and a dry season
Evaporation  are the areas between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
Intertropical Convergence Zone  is the process in which a liquid changes to a gas
Tropical Cyclone is the loss of forest cover in a region
Hurricane is a park-like landscape of grasslands with scattered trees that can survive dry spells
Tornado  trees that lose their leaves in the fall
Tropical Wet & Dry  is the variety of living things in a region or ecosystem
Humid Subtropical are the areas between the high and the low altitudes
Maritime is an intense rain-storm with strong winds that forms over oceans in the tropics
Subaric is an effect on someone or something not involved in the activity
Tundra  is the area of rising air near the Equator
Deciduous Trees climates have limited precipitation, cool summer and very cold winters
Coniferous Trees climates that have year-round precipitation with mild winters and hot summers
Savanna  is a measure of how hot or cold the air is
Ecosystem are the areas north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle
Natural Resources  is a useful material found in the environment
Renewable Resources  is the condition of the air and sky at a certain
Nonrenewable Resource is the development of machine-powered production and manufacturing
Fossil Fuels   are trees that produce cones to carry seeds
Colonization is the average weather of a place over many years
Industrialization  climates have cool summers and bitterly cold, dry winters
Suburb  is a resource that Earth or people can replace
Deforestation is a cyclone that forms over the Atlantic Ocean
Biodiversity is a residential area on the edge of a city or large town
Pollution  is a movement of new settlers and their culture to an area
Spillover is a non renewable resource formed over millions if years from animals and plants

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