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St. Stephen's Catholic School 4T Word Match

Emmanuel Edebiri

Match all of the 25 spelling words right.

fishbowl to be able to see
heartbroken to suffer a loss or not feel emotionally okay
courtroom a fire built often built with paper, rocks, and matches
snowstorm a material used to cover the eyes
grandparent a man that has good manners
inherit to be worried or think about something throughly
clothesline to be opposed to an opinion
characteristics often used to shout out something
loudspeaker a cover that covers a book
yardstick a meter that measures items in yards
blindfold small growth in plant and forest life
undertake someone that was your parent's parent
campfire a huge blizzard
skateboard a cloth used to cover up on a bed
bedspread features about something
waterproof a line where clothes are hanged
teammate a partner or fellow peer on your team or in your social group
undergrowth a hard material with four wheels that contain easy navigation
concerns to do something under responsibility
disagreed  a place where small sea animals are stored
advancements to make something better
gentleman where trials are prevalent to being hosted
eyesight resistant to water
bookcase to gain a physical appearance or physical item with genes or no work

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