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Chapter One Glossary

Human Development over the Lifespan

Put the number (from the left column)on the blank line next to the appropriate word or phrase (on the right column).

1development _____larger social system in which micro, meso, and exo-systems are embedded
2growth  _____model of how biology and environment interact
3biological aging _____systematic changes and continuities in the individual that occur between conception and death
4aging _____shared understandings and way of life of a people
5age grade  _____classification with a group based on common tradition and heritage
6age norms _____arranged according to different statuses, roles, privileges and responsibilities
7social clock _____a system experienced indirectly bu can influence development
8ethnicity _____biological, physical, cogitive and psychosocial changes both positive and negative in the mature organism
9SES _____a person's sense of when he/she is ahead or behind schedule
10life expectancy _____average number of years a newborn (now) can be expected to live
11nature-nurture debate _____standards of conduct by researchers to protect the research participants from harm
12Brofenbrenner's bioecological model _____genes vs. environment
13microsystem  _____system in which changes occur within a timeframe in a particular pattern
14mesosystem _____standing such as prestige, education and income
15exosystem  _____the belief that one's own group and its culture are superior
16macrosystem  _____deterioration of organisms that lead to inevitable death
17chronosystem  _____interrelationships between two or more microsystems
18culture _____immediate physical and social environment
19ethnosystem  _____physical changes that occur fron conception to maturity
20research ethics _____society's message of how to act your age

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