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vocab 2 nutition

nutrition test

. ALPHA TOCOPHEROL an indicator of health risk from obesity or underweight, calculated by dividing the weight of a person by the height.
RICKETS An element in the diet that is essential for the manufacture of hormones by the thyroid gland
ATHEROSCLEROSIS the chief protein of most connective tissues, including scars, ligaments, and tendons, and the underlying matrix on which bones and teeth are built
MINERALS progressive hardening of the cornea of the eye in advance vitamin A deficiency that can lead to blindness
PHYTOCHEMICALS compounds that partly dissociate in water to form ions, such as potassium ion (k+) and chloride ion (Cl-)
APPETITE the vitamin D—deficiency disease In children; characterized by abnormal growth of bone and manifested in bowed legs or knock knees, out ward bowed chest and knobs on the ribs
BODY MASS INDEX the sum of total of all the involuntary activities that are necessary to sustain life including circulation, respiration temperature maitence, hormone secretion, nerve activity , and new tissue synthesis, but excluding digestion and voluntary activities.
TANNINS the most common form of cardiovascular disease; characterized by plaque along the inner walls of the arteries.
FOLATE a cancer causing substance
CARCINOGEN compounds in the plant that confer color, taste, and other characteristics. Often the bioactive food components of functional foods.
GOITER - the psychological desire to eat; a learn motivation and positive sensation that accompanies the sight, smell, or thought of appealing food
COLLAGEN the physiological need to eat, experienced as drive for obtaining food; an unpleasant sensation that demands relief.
BULIMIA the thymine deficiency disease; characterized by loss of sensation in the hands and feet, muscular weakness, advancing paralysis, and abnormal heart action.
BASAL METABOLISM proteins that facilitate chemical reactions without being changed in the process; protein catalysts
INTRINSIC FACTOR naturally occurring, inorganic, homogeneous substances; chemical elements.
ENZYME a factor found inside a system, the intrinsic factor necessary to prevent pernicious anemia is now known to be a compound that helps in absorption of vitamin B12
HUNGER a b vitamin that acts as part of coenzyme important in the manufacture of new cells. The form added to foods and supplements is folic acid.
BERI BERI recurring episodes of binge eating combined with a morbid fear of becoming fat, usually followed by self-induced vomiting or purging
STROKE the sudden shutting of the blood flow to the brain by a thrombus, an embolism, or the bursting of a vessel. (Hemorrhage)
ELECTROLYTES water insoluble alcohol that occurs in plant oils, egg yolks, and liver. And is also produced synthetically (has something to do with vitamin E)
GHRELIN building blocks of protein. Each has an amine group at one end, an acid group at the other, and a distinctive side chain
IODINE a hormone released by the stomach that signals the brains hypothalamus and other regions to stimulates eating.
XEROPTHALMIA compounds in Tea and coffee that binds iron, They also denature proteins
DENATURATION the irreversible change in a proteins fold shape about by heat, acids, bases, alcohol, and salts of heavy metals or other agents
AMINO ACIDS enlargement of the thyroid gland do to an iodine deficiency is simple; enlargement due to due to an iodine excess is toxic

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