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Phases of Injury Repair/Motions


Matching vocabulary for the Phases of Injury Repair and basic anatomical positions...

1crepitus _____pertaining to blood vessels
2medial _____closer to the midline of the body
3lateral _____back
4strain _____connects bone to bone
5necrosis _____discoloration often caused by a hematoma
6fracture _____inflammation of
7vasoconstriction _____connects muscle to bone
8hypoxia _____injury to ligaments
9tendon _____bottom of ...
10ligament _____front
11vasodilation _____Injury to muscle or tendon
12ecchymosis _____Away from the center of the body/point of reference
13anterior _____inflammation in tissue
14posterior _____further away from the midline of the body
15proximal _____narrowing of blood vessels
16distal _____expanding of blood vessel diameter
17sprain _____"crunchy" feel from a fracture
18dorsal _____cause a would/injury to contract
19plantar _____any break in a bone
20percussion _____top of ...
21edema _____forms a callus to bridge the gap
22myofibroblasts _____lack of oxygen
23vascular _____special test for fractures
24enchondral healing _____cell death
25-itis _____closer to the center of the body/point of reference

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