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Religion and Non-Religion

Dean Funnell

Animism The belief that humans are the highest intelligence in the universe. Informed by art and science, driven by compassions. There is not necessarily a denial of God, but no need seen for him.
Polytheism Not connected with religious or spiritual matters.
Monotheism The belief in many or more than one god, for example Hinduism is a modern polytheistic religion believing in multiple gods e.g Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.
Materialism A formal independent public inquiry instigated by a state government or the federal government. Royal commissions are typically called whenever there is ongoing impropriety, illegal activity or gross administrative incompetence in any area of Australian life. There are also sometimes royal commissions in the wake of natural disasters and accidents. The most famous one is the recent inquiry into the catholic church of Australia and the many accusations against priests of sexual abuse in the past.
Humanism The belief that God’s existence has not been proved/disproved. Seeks evidence and does not yet have enough to accept or reject the existence of God.
Scientific Progress The belief that a spirit or transcendent force exists in every object whether living or nonliving. Animism is present in Aboriginal spirituality and tribal peoples, such as the jungle people of Papua New Guinea.
Atheism The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods.
Transcendent The underlying moral principles that are apparent in the consciousness of all humans, that provide a basis for all human conduct.
Secular The advancement of scientific knowledge and technology due to new research and discoveries that provide answers to questions once thought unanswerable.
Agnosticism Materialism is the tendency to treat material possessions above all else, even more so than spiritual values and religious beliefs.
The Royal Commission The idea of a transcendent god who occupies another spiritual plane of existence to our own that is unbounded by the dimensions of space and time, and interacts with our world from this alternate place of existence that is out of our reach.
Census The belief in a single god, e.g Islam and its god Allah.
World-View An official count/ survey of an entire population or group. Australian Census’ survey a number of topics including religion and give official, accurate statistics regarding the religious beliefs on Australia.
Natural Law A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.
Religion The belief that God does not exist.

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