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Literary Terms

Chris Ashley

Allegory Seems to contradict itself, but on close inpsection does not
Alliteration A history of a persons life told by that person
Analogy Writer's attitude towards the material
Aphorism Statement that minimized the importance of what is meant
Archetype Words that appeal to the senses
Assonance Ingredient that gives the work unity, what the work is about
Autobiography Original model or pattern on which same things are based
Biography Something nonhuman is given human or animal traits
Cliche Atmosphere or feeling created by a work
connotation A story illustrating an idea or moral principle
Diary The associated or secondary meaning of a word
Diction Sentence structure
Essay Word choice, the words used in a piece of writing
Euphemism A trite or overused expression or idea (fit as a fiddle)
Hyperbole A comparison of two unlike things using like or as
Idiom The primary or strict meaning of a word
Imagery The sound of a word echoes the sound it represents
Irony Comparison of two unlike things using like or as
Verbal irony A play on words; a word used to convey two meanings
Dramatic irony Word choice; words used in a piece of writing
Literal Substitution of a mild expression for a harsh one
Metaphor A literary work that immitates the style of another work
Oxymoron Dramatic irony
Onomatopoeia A figure of speech in which an exaggeration occurs
Paradox Not literal
Parody A combination of contradictory terms
Personification A written account of another person's life
Prose A brief statement expressing an observation on life
Pun The reader knows something that the characters do not
Satire A short composition on a particular theme or subject
Sermon The ordinary form of spoken or written language, not poetic
Similie A daily record, usually private
Stream of Consciousness A repetition of the initial sounds of several words
Style A distinctive, particular mode of construction in any work
Syntax A similarity between two things for comparison
Figurative Apprehension due to an uncertain or mysterious situation
Theme Repetition of a vowel sound, especially in a poem
Tone Atmosphere or feeling created by a work
Understatement Conveys a meaning that is the opposite the literal meaning
Suspense Sarcasm
Mood an expression, kick the bucket or hang one's head

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