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Karen Burton

Helpful study reinforcement for those preparing for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Exams.

1Accounts payable _____Legal system based on written codes (laws, rules, or regulations)
2Accounts receivable _____Legal system in which each case is considered in terms of how it relates to legal decisions that have already been made; evolves through judicial decisions over time
3Affinity diagramming _____Situation in which a person or organization may potentially benefit, directly or indirectly, from undue influence, due to involvement in outside activities, relationships, or investments that conflict with or have an impact on the employment relationship or its outcomes
4Authentic leadership _____Money an organization's customers owe the organization
5Balance sheet _____Type of measurement bias in which analyst fails to recognize that individual is responding with answers the analyst wants to hear
6Business case _____Statement of an organization's financial position at a specific point in time, showing assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity
7Business intelligence (BI) _____Money an organization owes its vendors and suppliers
8Cash flow statement _____Tool or document that defines a specific problem, proposes a solution, and provides justifications for the proposal in terms of time, cost efficiency, and probability of success
9Civil law _____Statement of an organization's ability to meet its current and short-term obligations, showing incoming and outgoing cash and cash reserves in operations, investments, and financing
10Common law _____Tendency to enhance or diminish the strength or credibility of a statement or person based on one's impression of a preceding statement or person
11Conflict of interest _____Concept that argues that ethical behavior is determined by local culture, laws, and business practices
12Contrast effect _____Raw data, internal and external to an organization, that is translated into meaningful information for decision makers to use in taking strategic action
13Cultural noise _____Data-sorting technique in which a group categorizes and subcategorizes data until relationships are clearly drawn
14Cultural relativism _____Leadership style that focuses on challenging and developing members of an organization to attain long-range results through continuous evolution, improvement, or change, based on the leader's vision and strategy

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