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Karen Burton

Helpful study reinforcement for those preparing for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Exams.

1Delphi technique _____Technique that progressively collects information from a group without physically assemblin the contributors
2Dilemma reconciliation _____Concept that argues that there are fundamental ethical principles that apply across cultures
3Due diligence _____Type of measurement bias in which analyst allows one strong point that he or she values highly and that works against subject to overshadow all other information
4Due process _____Ratio of gross profit to net sales
5Emotional intelligence (EI) _____Type of measurement bias in which investigator makes snap judgments and lets first impression (either positive or negative) cloud subsequent evaluation
6Ethical universalism _____Society or group characterized by complex, usually long-standing networks of relationships; members share a rich history of common experience, so the way they interact and intepret events is often not apparent to outsiders
7First-impression error _____Requirement to thoroughly investigate an action before it is taken, through diligent research and evaluation
8Focus group _____Ability to have an international perspective, inclusive of other cultures' views
9Global mindset _____Small group of invited persons (typically six to twelve) who actively participate in a structured discussion, led by a facilitator, for the purpose of eliciting their input on a specific product, process, policy, or program
10Gross profit margin _____Ability to be sensitive to and understand one's own and others' emotions and impulses
11Halo effect _____Process of charting a course through cultural differences
12High-context culture _____Concept that laws are enforced only through accepted, codified procedures
13Horn effect _____Statement that reports revenues, expenses, and profits for a specified period of time, for example, quarterly or annually
14Income statement _____Type of measurement bias in which analyst allows one strong point that he or she values highly and that works in subject's favor to overshadow all other information

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