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Karen Burton

Helpful study reinforcement for those preparing for SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Certification Exams.

1Intercultural wisdom _____Using relationships between data in financial statements to measure the financial health of an organization
2Key performance indicators (KPIs) _____Data-sorting technique in which group members add related ideas and indicate logical connections, eventually grouping similar ideas
3Low-context culture _____Ratio of net income (gross sales minus expenses and taxes) to net sales
4Mind mapping _____The basic beliefs and customs shared by members of an organization that contribute to the organization's sense of its identity
5Negative emphasis _____Quantifiable measures of performance that gauge an organization's progress toward strategic objectives or other agreed-upon performance standards
6Net profit margin _____Type of measurement bias that involves weighting a small negative reaction or piece of information more than it should objectively merit
7Nominal group technique _____Statistical method used to test the possible ffects of altering the details of a strategy to see if the likely outcome can be improved
8Organizational culture _____Society in which relationships have less history; indivdiuals know each other less well and don't share a common database of experience, so communication must be very explicit
9Ratio analysis _____Type of analysis that starts with a result and then works backward to identify fundamental cause
10Regression analysis _____Capacity to recognize, interpret, and behaviorally adapt to multicultural situations and contexts; also called cultural intelligence
11Root-cause analysis _____Technique in which participants each suggest ideas through a series of rounds and then discuss the items, eliminate redundancies and irrelevancies, and agree on the importance of the remaining items
12Rule of law _____Ability to create connections or rapport with others
13Scenario/what-if analysis _____Concept that stipulates that no individual is beyond the reach of the law and that authority is exercised only in accordance with written and publicly disclosed laws
14Social intelligence _____Statistical method used to determine whether a relationship exists between variables and the strength of the relationship

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